Intention Is Power

As we get close to wrapping up a challenging 2020, being intentional tops the rankings of what we might have learned and practiced the most this year. We have had to be more intentional to stay resilient and hopeful, to not fall prey to despair or depression, and to ultimately rebound from an experience that has made us lose control and our sense of normality.

Intention is important because without it we are like leaves in the wind, losing our attachment, values and identity.

Why it is that important to be intentional? When we are intentional about something, we position ourselves from a place of strength, desire and will. We are more responsible with our time and resources, and using them better. We are more intentional in our actions and relationships, and investing in them. We are more at peace because we are intentional about what we are undertaking, fueled by a “why” that comes from our values and deep desires.

Intention is ultimately finding that alignment from our heart and core, to our mind. It is taking responsibility for the dance of life, time, and choices, and practicing it with elegance, authenticity and freedom. Being intentional creates clarity and focus, which are catalysts for results, progress and ultimately fulfillment.

How to practice being intentional? If you don’t know how to start, just start with what you are intent on creating or doing for the next 30 minutes of your life. This means that for the set amount of time, you are giving all your energy and focus to that set purpose, and you will put away all distractions. Things are getting serious!!! You have permission to bring the best and do the best, whatever the task or mission at hand is. It’s you being you – the main character on the stage of your life – and not someone else, a distracted human being, lost in comparison with others or daydreaming about life. Once you taste the power of creating an intention for the next few minutes of your unique life, you will become more attuned about setting an intention for each day, week, and month…. This will slowly turn into a life full of moments of truth, passion and authenticity – when you are intentional about how you fill your days, the relationships you cultivate, the investments you make, how you respond to what comes your way, or simply but powerfully – how you love, live, exist….

A few keys to living the power of intention:

  • Clear away distractions including phone, social media, multitasking,…Distractions are like parasites, trying to feed on your energy and resources. It takes time and practice to move away from distractions, but the more you do, the more focus you bring – and the more successful you ultimately are in your set intention.
  • Practice self-care and self-compassion: if you are not in a good state of mind or running low on fuel, find a way to get yourself back in shape emotionally, physically or mentally. This can be as simple as taking a nap, going for a walk, meditating or reading a book. If you are tired and irritated, you cannot sustain being intentional about anything, no matter how hard you try.
  • Create energy: As Tony Robbins, world renowned coach teaches, energy is a habit that you can create in your life. The more energy you create in your life, the more you are able to influence your environment, and to bring the best in yourself and those around you. Practice whatever makes you energetic be it exercising, meditating, dancing…, eat healthy and get your zzzs – these are keys to maintaining good energy levels day to day.
  • Remember your values: when your intentions reflect your values, they are more able to withstand trial and the test of time. LaRae Quy notes in her book “The Secrets of A Strong Mind”: “The times I have been unhappiest are those when I became confused about what was valuable”.

Intention is power not because it assumes that we are omniscient – we know everything we would like to do, be, and achieve…. Intention is power because it challenges us to be present, to appreciate our existence in both the more mundane or the more extraordinary aspects of it, and to continuously strive to make adjustments and live in the service of who we really want to be and why.

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