Book Review: Time Management In 20 Minutes A Day

Book: Time Management In 20 Minutes A Day – Simple Strategies To Increase Productivity, Enhance Creativity, and Make Your Time Your Own Author: Holly Reisem Hanna Key message of the Book: Time management is not a “fit-for-all” set of systems, tools and disciplines. Finding the right practices and tools involves a lot of experimenting, as theContinue reading “Book Review: Time Management In 20 Minutes A Day”

Book Review: Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Author: Dr. Travis Bradberry & Dr. Jean Greaves Key message of the Book: Emotional intelligence is a critical skill that anyone should be looking at strengthening with research and numerous studies having found it to be “the single predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personalContinue reading “Book Review: Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

Book Review: 100 Ways To Motivate Others

Book: 100 Ways To Motivate Others, How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results Without Driving People Crazy Author: Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson Key message of the Book: 100 Ways To Motivate Others is a synthesis of leadership traits and principles that a leader ought to exhibit in order to motivate others to achieve desired results.Continue reading “Book Review: 100 Ways To Motivate Others”

Book Club: Small Habits Big Changes

Book: Small Habits Big Changes, How the Tiniest Steps Lead to a Happier, Healthier You Author: Steven Handel Key message of the Book: Transformational life changes and long-term improvements are achieved via the collection of small habits we integrate into our daily routines. This is because big changes never or rarely happen overnight; as perContinue reading “Book Club: Small Habits Big Changes”

Book Club – The Gap and The Gain

Book: The High Achievers’Guide To Happiness, Confidence, And Success By Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach with Dr. Benjamin Hardy Key message of the Book: When it relates to our goals and happiness, there are two ways of being – in the gap or in the gain – based on what our reference point is. WhenContinue reading “Book Club – The Gap and The Gain”

Book Club – Thrive By Arianna Huffington

Book: Thrive, The Third Metric To Redefining Success And Creating A Life Of Well-Being, Wisdom, And Wonder Publishing Year: 2014 About the Author: From the Thrive Global bio: Arianna Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, the founder of The Huffington Post, and the author of 15 books, including Thrive and The Sleep Revolution. InContinue reading “Book Club – Thrive By Arianna Huffington”

Book Club – The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

Book: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life Publishing Year: 2016 About the Author: Mark Manson is an American blogger and author of three books including another #1 New York Times bestseller titled “Everything is F*ucked, A Book About Hope“. He is a speaker to largeContinue reading “Book Club – The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson”

Book Club – Atomic Habits by James Clear

Book: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results Atomic Habits Publishing Year: 2018 About the Author: James Clear, one of the world’s leading experts on habit creation, is the author of Atomic Habits, a #1 New York Times bestseller which has sold in over 4 million copies worldwide. The creator of the Habit Journal and The Habits Academy, andContinue reading “Book Club – Atomic Habits by James Clear”

Book Club – Are You Fully Charged? The 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life

Book: Are You Fully Charged? The 3 Keys To Energizing Your Work And Life Publishing Year: 2015 About the Author: Tom Rath is an author and researcher with over two decades spent studying the interaction between work, human health and well-being, including during his 13 years at Gallup, where Tom led the organization’s strengths, employee engagement,Continue reading “Book Club – Are You Fully Charged? The 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life”

Book Club – Living An Examined Life

Book: Living an Examined Life: Wisdom for the Second Half of the Journey – A 21-Step Plan for Addressing the Unfinished Business of Your Life Publishing Year: 2018 About the Author: James Hollis, PhD is a Jungian psychoanalyst and the author of sixteen books including Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, On This Journey WeContinue reading “Book Club – Living An Examined Life”

Book Club – Outliers, The Story Of Success

Book: Outliers, The Story of Success Publishing Year: 2008 About the Author: Malcolm Gladwell is an English-born Canadian journalist, public speaker, and author of five New York Times bestsellers — The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw, and David and Goliath. His latest book published in 2019 is titled Talking to Strangers: WhatContinue reading “Book Club – Outliers, The Story Of Success”

Book Club – Guts & Grace

Title: Guts & Grace, A Woman’s Guide To Full-Bodied Leadership, How To Lead Consciously, Dissolve Glass Ceilings, and Dismantle the Patriarchy Within Publishing Year: 2020 About the Author: LeeAnn Mallorie is a leadership coach, who started her career as an executive coach in 2005, working with C-level leaders and teams around the globe. As theContinue reading “Book Club – Guts & Grace”