Book Club: Small Habits Big Changes

Book: Small Habits Big Changes, How the Tiniest Steps Lead to a Happier, Healthier You Author: Steven Handel Key message of the Book: Transformational life changes and long-term improvements are achieved via the collection of small habits we integrate into our daily routines. This is because big changes never or rarely happen overnight; as perContinue reading “Book Club: Small Habits Big Changes”

Productivity Tips For A Lifetime

World-class athletes and successful entrepreneurs easily come to mind when thinking high performance and that is rightly so. However, the reality is that we are not all to be elite athletes, scientists and Nobel Prize recipients…. High performance can be defined as an above-average ability to create results with the resources, skills and talents atContinue reading “Productivity Tips For A Lifetime”

Book Club – The Gap and The Gain

Book: The High Achievers’Guide To Happiness, Confidence, And Success By Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach with Dr. Benjamin Hardy Key message of the Book: When it relates to our goals and happiness, there are two ways of being – in the gap or in the gain – based on what our reference point is. WhenContinue reading “Book Club – The Gap and The Gain”

Guest Article: Why hope matters now more than ever

By Guest Writer: Dr. James K. Dittmar Dr. James K. Dittmar is the founder, President, and CEO of 3Rivers Leadership Institute.  Utilizing the insights gained for over the past 30 years as a leader, teacher and trainer of working professionals, Dr. Dittmar creates learning experiences that are exceptional in content and that are interactive and engaging in process. Dr.Continue reading “Guest Article: Why hope matters now more than ever”

The Surprising Power Of Decluttering

A 20-day challenge to “reflect, recenter and refuel” which started last October could be well thought of as a fiasco as I have yet to finalize it. Five days into the challenge, the “de-clutter your bedroom or office” turned from a one-day undertaking to well over two months of deep decluttering. From room to roomContinue reading “The Surprising Power Of Decluttering”

Guest Article: How to Make Your New Year’s Goals Stick This Time

By Guest Writer: Amira Alvarez Amira is the Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company focused on helping entrepreneurs, athletes, creatives, and rising stars in all fields achieve their dreams and goals. Original article published on Amira’s website here. Bonus materials: The Unstoppable Woman podcast; a free Morning Mindset Club class basedContinue reading “Guest Article: How to Make Your New Year’s Goals Stick This Time”