Choose To Be Extraordinary

I have always been a strong believer in the power of choice, discipline and action. I am an even stronger one after getting acquainted with Brendon Burchard’s work. If you don’t know Brendon, he is one of the best word-class life and business coaches out there, with a mission to call people to be extraordinary.Continue reading “Choose To Be Extraordinary”

From TGIF To… Enjoying Mondays

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) is a common salutation in the United States. In fact, it is so notorious that even a restaurant chain got named after it! Come Mondays, let’s face it, the mood is different for the majority of us. However, what is likely different among many of us is the “recovery” timeContinue reading “From TGIF To… Enjoying Mondays”

The “Do It All” Challenge

As parents, we have our own stories of schedules and responsibilities to juggle. At times, it can feel overwhelming. As a working parent, there are a few things that I wished I appreciated earlier: Guilt: There will always be some amount of guilt when you have to take your child to the doctor’s instead ofContinue reading “The “Do It All” Challenge”

The Power of Vision Boards at Home and at Work

Since experimenting with my first Vision Board in 2016, I have become an avid practitioner of Vision Boards both at home and at work. If you wonder how and why to adopt a Vision Board, be it at home or at work, see below a few thoughts to get you started: Fun: As an adultContinue reading “The Power of Vision Boards at Home and at Work”

The Inevitability Of A “Down” Moment

Life is not about smelling roses at all times. Inevitably, sooner or later, we will touch some thorns in our life garden. Unfortunately, we or people we love may deal with some serious events like loss of life, health issues, divorce….In those cases, professional help may be required to be able to cope with theContinue reading “The Inevitability Of A “Down” Moment”

The Exhilaration of Growth

What I love the most about growth is the exhilaration and aliveness that it brings. Oftentimes, it is a loop: the more growth we achieve, the more exhilarated we feel. What growth is or isn’t? – Growth is not about accumulating material gains. While being realistic and pragmatic that paying bills is not optional, growthContinue reading “The Exhilaration of Growth”

How To Conduct Growth Focused Performance Reviews

Year-end performance reviews could be a little intimidating especially for first time managers. On one side, it may feel daunting to suddenly carry the weight of a judge who will bestow his/her decision on someone’s else performance. On the other side however, performance reviews are in fact an opportunity to initiate or accelerate growth forContinue reading “How To Conduct Growth Focused Performance Reviews”