Welcome Hiatus

It has been several months since my last post. A hiatus wasn’t in my plan, but it came about with the inability to find time for my creative self initially week after week, then month after month. It is not in my high-performer nature to lack intention, but this unintended break has taught me to let myself experience life in a more spontaneous and compassionate way.

Welcome hiatus. Why?

It takes self-compassion and love to allow ourselves to sit with our emotions and needs, and quiet down voices that no longer serve us.

It takes self-awareness to know that we might be drifting away from something or someone and stay in peace about it.

It takes reconnecting with who we are and responding to life, people and events in sync and acceptance of ourselves, our values and boundaries.

It takes love for ourselves and/or others to prioritize what the real needs might be, even if or even when it takes a journey of discovery, mistakes, victories, disappointments, and new excitement.

When we pause, we allow ourselves to reflect and course-correct. When we pause, we take ownership of our own lives and actions. When we pause, we reconnect with the better parts of ourselves and our humanity.

A hiatus thus becomes a stop for purposeful living.

Welcome hiatus, welcome life.

Published by Helene R. Johnson

Helene R. Johnson is a pseudonym. Living life as a mom and manager. Articles are also published on https://tactical-hr.com/, a site dedicated to human resources with a focus on transformational change and development.

One thought on “Welcome Hiatus

  1. So beautiful said Helen! In my culture, breaks are part of productivity and best decisions after. I share this experience, we all need pauses sometimes, even we do not realize it.
    Thank you as always for the love and wisdom you share with your community!


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