Truth Or Dare

From time to time, a few moments before my son’s eyelids close for a good night sleep, he challenges me to “Truth or Dare”. It was one of these moments that got me thinking how powerful this challenge could be in a grown-ups world.

Imagine “truth or dare” applied vis-a-vis our actions, relationships, emotions,…


Truth in acknowledging our emotions and feelings, sometimes by finally discerning through what our bodies and minds might be telling us.

Truth in acknowledging our shortcomings, as well as of those around us, without compromising nor losing compassion or the will to find a way to make things better or make ourselves better.

Daring to act on that gut feeling even when there seems to be so many reasons for not following through with it; or daring to take that first step even if the full staircase is out of sight.

Daring to listen to who we are, even if that means experimenting with actions and reactions to get to the bottom of our true selves.

Daring to live life fully, during both valleys and peaks, by striving to grow from each encounter and experience of life, and perfecting the recipe of love for life, oneself, and those around us.

“Truth or dare” because today is the day that is given to us to break free from our old selves and grow closer to who we are meant to become.

Published by Helene R. Johnson

Helene R. Johnson is a pseudonym. Living life as a mom and manager. Articles are also published on, a site dedicated to human resources with a focus on transformational change and development.

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